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Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
. >> thank you. >>> starting today, passengers flying into the united states will face tougher security measures. >> this fall's the attempted bombing of the detroit plane on christmas day -- this follows the attempted bombing of a detroit. on christmas day. matt brock has more. >> scrutiny has been up since this christmas day bomb plot became public. we are told it is the new normal. security heightened. just ask the passengers in on this flight from london. >> they patted me down and it literally debate full-body search. legs, everything. i have never seen that before. >> the tsa has ordered increased security measures. every passenger will be subject to additional screening including pat-downs and carry on searches. the list of those countries has not been released, but cuba, iran, sudan and syria, nigeria, yemen and pakistan are on it. " i do not think it will help. the week institute rules does not increase or maximize security. it is just a panic reaction. >> that is why the christmas day -- yemen is were the christmas day plot was hatched. >> one of our american personnel said th
Jan 5, 2010 6:00am EST
. >>> freezing temperatures has much of the united states refreezing. the cold is being blamed on three deaths. crops in florida are being blamed on the cold. >> i am miserable. >> i am so cold it right now. it is awful. >> i cannot even feel my hands. >> i am putting on as many clothes as i can. >> the cold has turned some of the snow into sheets of ice. a clipper system is expected in the forecast later this week. >>> a fifth person is under arrest in the shooting arvell alston. lynn wilkerson turned himself into police yesterday. alston was shot as he tried to rob a suspected drug officer. reginald jones allegedly coordinated the robbery. >>> an emotional tribute to a young man who was fatally shot while protecting his family. >> we stand with each other. >> this vigil was held last night for emmanuel durant. he was remembered as a hard working teenager who watched over the children in the neighborhood. two armed men burst into his family's home and demanded money. he was shot as he wrestled with the suspects. he later died. >>> a d.c. woman is celebrating anothe-r milestone birthday. she t
Jan 13, 2010 6:00am EST
are searching for survivors in haiti after the deadly earthquake. the united states and other countries are scrambling to send disaster teams to the devastated caribbean island. >> president obama will tour a facility that trains electrical workers. he will give some brief remarks on clean energy. >> a traffic alert on the beltway. vdot will be shortening the merged lines onto 495 from the little river turnpike. >>> a woman is grateful that she had a cab driver with a conscience. >> he went out of his way to track her down after she left ney in her taxicab. she was visiting from italy and she accidentally left her purse with $21,000 in it. this was in a new york city taxi on christmas eve. police told her it was as good as gone. the taxi driver drove 50 miles to return. no one was home so he left his phone number. >> my mother told me be honest, work hard. i called my mother. she was crying. >> when asked if he was tempted to keep the cash, he said he could have used it but he knew it was not right. he also turned down a reward. he could not except it. >> i wish there was something some
Jan 20, 2010 6:00am EST
. >>> an epic upset in massachusetts. >> scott brown will succeed ted kennedy to the united states senate. he carried 53% of the vote. it is an historic victory. the impacts stretches all across the country. courtney robinson is live to tell us why. good morning. >> the wind does not bode well for health care reform in its -- the win does not bode well for health care reform in its present form. the american people do not want health care reform in its current state. >> the independent voice of massachusetts has spoken. >> it is a victory for scott brown and for the republican party. >> his victory means health care reform is now on life support. without those 60 votes in the senate, it will be much tougher for democrats to get the legislation passed. >> brown martha coakley beat democrats by using health care reform to his advantage, saying he would not vote for it in its present form. >> it will hurt medicare. it will destroy jobs and run our nation deeper into debt. >> democrats are now reeling. democrats have lost their super majority in the senate, making it tougher for anything on the o
Jan 21, 2010 6:00am EST
. >>> more aid arrives in haiti. the united states is getting ready for thousands of people expected to flee that disaster zone. stewart -- philip stewart has more. >> the u.s. is preparing tents at guantanamo bay. they can handle 10,000 refugees. some 2 million people are left homeless after the quake. i want to show you some video that has some people talking. take a look. that is 8-year-old kiki who raises his hand after members pulled him out of that rubble. he spent seven long days in the darkness. he is one of more than 120 victims who have been rescued more than a week after the quake. coming up, i will have an update on the progress that is being made on the usns comfort d the challenges facing doctors on the ground today. >> thank you. >>> since the earthquake, there has been an outpouring of support. the save the children center has been busy since the earthquake struck. the organization has raised more than $26.5 million. that money is being used to send food, money, and relief teams to haiti. >> we are buying supplies and sending them over. we're sending them over by planes. >> l
Jan 22, 2010 6:00am EST
.3 million vehicles in the united states because of a problem that can cause the gas pedal to stick. the announcement comes months after toyota recalled more than 4 million vehicles because of another problem with the accelerator. drivers who experienced problems should shift to neutral and shut off the engine. stocks are sinking overseas after a sharp drop on wall street. the dow plunged yesterday, erasing its gains for the year. president obama plans to change the way banks do business. bank stocks led the decline. the recession seems to be a distant memory for google. its profit last night approached $2 billion for the first time. there was improving outlook and the have started hiring again. bloomingdale's is opening new stores. the department store will open its first outlet store this summer. there will be four stores initially. more are expected to open next year. the plane that hit the hudson is now hitting the auction block. it is up for sale. it suffered extensive water damage when selling sullenberger splashed down in the river a year ago. online bidding goes on till the
Jan 29, 2010 6:00am EST
it be in the city. the question is if it could be done in the united states. >> could this be the first thing toward moving back to a military tribunal? " they are locked into having a civilian trial. but who will be treated in criminal courts and who is not? republicans are trying to deny funding for these trials. >> ok. mike allen, thank you so much. >>> one last look at your traffic and the weather. >> we just have reports of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. new hampshire avenue at randolph road. we will take you live. you can see flashing lights. the one not zoom in on that because of the sensitive nature. new hampshire avenue southbound at randolph road impacted because of the pedestrian hit. >> we're talking about cold air settle in in. temperatures only about 30 degrees. you wind chills will subside. clouds will thicken up overnight. light snow will develop. we do get more sunshine by sunday and monday. anywhere from a coding to an inch or two locally. further south, culpeper, three to six. watches are four spots of light, orange, will west and south of the area. >> ok. >>> thank you for wat
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7